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Established in the year 2002, we have built a reputation in the field of Gate Automation & Automobile Equipment. We trade, supply, import, as well as export products and raw materials. Additionally, we provide comprehensive Parking Lifts and Multilevel Parking Solutions for commercial and residential demands. Because of the wide variety of products that we offer, the comprehensiveness of our solutions, and the plinth of quality that we deliver, Newturn Group is now among the fastest growing corporate groups in India.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as specialist in residential, commercial & industrial lifts.We offer service like erection, maintenance & repair. We have very qualified and experienced technical team. We provide timely preventive maintenance, effective repairs,  Personalized service and renewal at reasonable rates.


Services and Experience

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Site Inspection

We can perform the comprehensive series of inspection legally required of your specific type of Elevator.

Elevator Installation

Elevator installation tends to be quicker, as little to no construction is involved. A hoistway does not need to be built into the interior or exterior of your location.

17+ Years Experience

  • Professional Experts
  • Positive Approach
  • High Quality work
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Elevator Repair

If your elevators malfunction or have damaged components, Unicon technicians can fix them.

Elevator Maintenance

Unicon preventive maintenance helps prevent problems before they appear. We maintain your equipment based on its usage, age, and other factors.
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Agam Brahmbhatt
Prem Brahmbhatt
Managing Director
Technical Director
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